Thoughts-serious and some funny

So Im typing on my phone so spelling and grammer wont be so good lol. Ok so yesterday was Valintines day, I get its a romantic day and all but have you ever thought how people who are single feel? Or better yet those who have somebody but they are in a rough patch so they dont celebrate it bc they are both upset. I can tell you it sucks. No amount of chocolate, wine or ice cream makes you feel any better. All you want to do is hide because everyone knows your in a relationship and they are all posting pictures of what they got from their awesome other and your sitting there with nothing barely talking to yours. Valentines

use to be one of my favorite days but after this year and having friends that are single I know hate the holiday. Next year my phone and computer will go off and I wont even think of celebrating it. Thats my two cents.


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