Chicken Taco Soup via Crock-pot.

Ok so its winter, winter means cold, cold means no grill, no grill means stuck inside, stuck inside means………ok cutting it short, it all leads to the crock-pot. I wait all year long for it to start getting cold (hehe which means 65 degrees) to start cooking in my crock-pot. The Crock-pot has saved my life so many times when I forgot to take something our before bed to thaw and ended up thinking “what now?”. Throw some stuff in the crock pot and  you have a meal!!!! This recipe is all about tossing everything in and then letting it sit. I didn’t figure you would want pictures of me opening cans so I am just going to lay it all out. I don’t like beans as a rule but in this I eat them! I hope you enjoy!


One Onion chopped (I use sweet but white works also)

One can of Chili Beans 15oz (I use mild and drain them well)

One can of Black Beans 15oz(Drained well)

15oz of corn ( I like to use frozen so less chemicals)

One can of Tomatoes with diced chilies (Rot-le)

One Can of tomato sauce 8oz

One bottle of good beer (if you wouldn’t drink it don’t cook with it- Use a darker beer for more flavor)

One packet of taco seasoning

1/2 cup of chicken broth (low sodium because you can add more salt later if you want)

Three Chicken breasts skinless and boneless (if you can dice it up before that works if not dice it up later)

Shredded cheese

sour cream

Tortilla chips or fritos

Step one: Open all your cans and pour them in to the crock-pot. Then stir them up

Step two: Pour in chicken broth. Open beer (take a sip to make sure its good) and pour it in the crock-pot. Sprinkle in Taco seasoning and stir again.

Step Three: If you can dice up chicken breast, then add to crock-pot. If they are frozen press them into the mixture until covered.

Step four: Ok here is where you have two options… If you diced you chicken up then set your crock-pot on low for 7hrs. If the chicken in whole and frozen then set it on high for four hours then turn it to low for the remaining three. If you can turn it down thats fine also. When chicken is cooked through remove it and let it sit for 10mins (its too hot to handle). Then proceed to dice it into bite size pieces and add back to pot on low for 30 mins (this lets the meat absorb more flavor).

Step five: Put soup in bowl—add cheese, sour cream, chips and enjoy!!!


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