Shimmerspell: A Faerie Tale Girl Novella by Kimberly Spencer

A good book for a short read (well for me at least lol). You need to read the first book (its free right now on Amazon) to completely understand whats going on in the second book. It is the type of book that keep you wondering what will happen next. There is nothing in the book that would not be appropriate for young readers. Always something popping up in this book to keep your attention.

Heres the summary for you:

When sixteen-year-old Jensen Meadows finds herself caught in the middle of an ancient faerie war, she soon learns that faeries aren’t made of sparkly goodness. They’re vicious. And worse, they’re after her.

With the help of Liam Casey, she delves into their world to find her missing sister and begins to suspect that her whole life has been nothing more than a faerie tale. But what if the truth is worse?


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