Lara Adrian- Deeper than Midnight

Book 9 of the Breed series. We are focusing on the characters Corinne who we met in the last book (she was one of the prisoners that were rescued) and our Breed Hunter. We watch as Hunter, the unemotional breed raised to kill, learns that there is more to life than revenge and the hunt. He is left in charge of protecting the fragile Corinne and learning that feelings have a way of making life a lot more hard and more rewarding at the same time.

Corinne lived for over 75 yrs as prisoner to Draco. Upon her rescue she learns her childhood crush has found his mate, leaving her heartbroken. She struggles to find her place in a world that so much has changed and all she wants to do is go home. tragedy strikes her again leaving her in the hands of the handsome and remote breed Hunter. Corinne struggles to learn who she can and can’t trust with her biggest secret of her life…….. Letting her secret fuel her reason to live she will tackle more struggles before she must learn to trust the one man who she knows who could hurt her the most. Does she let Hunter have her heart and her secret or does she remain alone?

If you have read any of the series you will like this. It’s very interesting seeing Hunter deal with things he has never experienced before. Corinne adds the sad part of the story of how she ends up dealing with her issues.


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